The following text and all subdocuments are generated automatically from the demo file semAuthOdtTemplate.odt .

Office 2 Website enables you – an end user – to maintain the content of your professional website under our own control from a single office file.

This site gives an example. It is automatically generated from one single OpenOffice Document: odt  | xhtml .




attribute: Value


ftpPassword: hallowelz

layout: my_layout.html



What you can do

You maintain the content of your website within an office file.

You want to add a new event? Refine a product description? Publish a new offer? Simply edit your office file, an push it onto our server. The rest will be done automatically within minutes.

What we do

First of all we translate your office file to xhtml. This the real format we work with. Defining and postprocessing a sound xhtml export is one key feature of our service. We slice an office exported xhtml document into single pages and thus generate a nicely interlinked website.  

The headings H1, H2 and H3 define the site map of your Website.

The remainder content go into the respective pages. We generate the pages according to individually grafted templates, cover them with your corporate identity and automatically generate links to other pages.

What we do other than others

We provide professional websites, because we work together with professional Web Agencies and Designers. This works fine, because we have built a professional and intelligent slicing and templating machine.

Our work results in a bunch of static webpages based on the high quality CSS-framework .

What nobody else does

Office 2 website is only a spin off of a much more powerful service: We support you in publishing your website readily for the Semantic_Web . We offer one of the first and finest RDFa publishing services for a broad audience. More:

However, in order to use this powerful technique we cannot use a simple office file any more. We have to move to another powerful content authoring and cognitive productivity technique, i.e. mind maps . Yes, we also publish your mindmap to the web!