Use Zotero

Add a first document to Zotero (example):

  • make sure that Zotero is running

  • in Firefox visit https://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms13654 : Rapid tuning shifts in human auditory cortex enhance speech intelligibility > “Download PDF” > open in Firefox

  • push the “pdf” Icon “Save to Zotero (pdf)” in the Firefox Symbolleiste.

  • inspect Zotero: You will find a local copy of the pdf plus the relevant bibliographic metadata

  • recognize the (soemwhat ugly) citekey holdgrafRapidTuningShifts2016:

    • We will keep it for demonstration purposes

Import bibtex-Data:

  • somewhere - e.g. in ~/b/ - create new jupyterbook example project: jb create test

  • in Zotero: Datei > Importieren > BibTeX > Next >

  • import the file ~/b/test/references.bib, check:

    • Importierte Sammlungen in neue Sammlungen einstellen

    • Dateien in den Zotero-Speicherordener kopieren

  • inspect the imports in Zotero